Monday, August 19, 2013

Small Eraser

Think big... but carry a small eraser
"Brainstorm your training goals first, then write them down. Do this in pencil, so you can change some specifics when reality sets in." - Jeff Galloway, Olympic runner/author/coach (Found on 100 Greatest Running Tips)
Road Runner Girl

Jeff Galloway was totally right. Using that small eraser for a reset!!

  • Once again, working on completing all my workouts this week. They are scheduled on my calender
  • I realized earlier this week that I also need to work on my writing. It makes me happy! That is scheduled for each morning after my run.
  • My diet plan is going to include lots of water. That's what I've got so far. Not going to count calories at this moment. 
Also - I found this in a small sample pack of Vega Pre-Workout Fuel on sale at Whole Foods. Totally trying it out in the morning! If I like it, I'll be looking into their other products. I'll for sure do a write up on this. It seems healthier and more reasonable price wise (FYI - Whole Foods has a smaller/cheaper tub with 30 or 40 servings then the one I'm seeing online) then some other things I've seen. I'll keep you all updated.

So, in other news, I totally have to go to sleep. Really fast though, I'm working on updating my blog and putting my Instagram pics on the left sidebar. ;)

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  1. I love that Jeff Galloway quote!!! Hope you conquered those goals this week Liz!!!


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