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Vega Pre-Workout Shake Review

So when I was at Whole Foods yesterday I was browsing the sports nutrition and I found a sample packet of the Vegn Pre-Workout Energizer. It was about $1.50 for a sample packet. It comes in two flavors - Acai Berry and Lemon Lime. What really interested me about Vega was that -
1. It is Gluten Free. That's a must for me, being Celiac.
2. The ingredients were things I was okay with putting in my body. See the bottom of the post for the list from their website.. Nothing crazy here. 
So yes, it was a purchase that I made on a whim. I had been interested in trying a pre-workout supplement. I usually use ZipFizz for pre-races, but I've never used a pre-workout supplement. I did some more research on Vegn when I got home and fell even more in love with the "whys" of Vegn. It makes sense that we are missing essential nutrients in our diets. I love it when I can fully trust what I am putting into my body. The problem I've had with ZipFizz is that it wears off quickly - Vega claims that their products use brown rice syrup with a high glycemic index to enter the bloodstream quickly, but balances it out with organic palm nectar to keep you from that dreaded crash.  

The Trial - Take 1
So I woke up early this morning and prepared the mix. I added it to my protein shaker to 8oz of water and stirred it. There were some lumps in it, so I made sure to stir those out. The flavor I tried was the Acai Berry and I was shocked but happy to see the color - 
IT'S BROWN FOLKS.  While I have admit I was expecting pink or something, it was good to know that they didn't add anything crazy to get a "nice color". Now I also have to remind you that I have a sensitve stomach. I smelled it - YUM - and then tasted it. A little strong for my taste, I might use less next time.

But how did it work?!?

Well my last few runs have been super sluggish, super slow. I'm not a morning person, so when I get up in the AM to run, it's rough. True story.
Here are my status from this morning:
(teaser - see the full post at

SUPER FAST. Like speed woman fast.
Was it the Vega? 
Was it the fact I was running "naked" without a Garmin?
Was it the fact I was outside and not on a treadmill?

I'm not sure yet. That's why this is take 1. I want to do a few more experiments with it before I buy the large canister.

In a nutshell - this a product I really want to try again. It was easy to use, and I really felt strong during my run. To a non-morning person, that's a win. I liked the Acai Berry, but I might try a packet of the Lemon Lime flavor next time. Totally keeping you all updated. :) 

Where to buy: Like I mentioned earlier, I found this at Whole Foods. The price was about $1.50 for the one packet serving (I honestly can't remember the exact price! So sorry). They had a canister that was 30 servings, again, I'm not 100% sure on the price, but I think it was a little under $30. Amazon has a canister for 39.99. Looks like there are 30 servings per container - but I would try half a scoop to lessen the strong flavor. It's not a bad flavor, but I'm not used to drinking anything other than strong coffee early in the morning. That comes out to $0.66 per serving (bought from Amazon - I think Whole Foods was cheaper) - not too bad. Looks like Vitamin Shoppe also carries it. I would get a single packet or even the 12 packet package to get an idea if you like it before you order the larger amount.

So there you have it! :)


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  1. Hi Liz! Found you on twitter. Funny thing, I've just started to have my own Vega experience :) I met two of their community events people (not sure what their actual job title is) at the Esprit de She, and they were super nice and very informative. I've just started looking at reducing the processed foods and weird food ingredients in my eating choices, so I really appreciated that there isn't a bunch of odd chemical coloration in there.

    Anyway, I'm not sure about your neck of the woods, but the Whole Foods here (Northern CA) has all Vega products on sale through 8/27. I can also buy them at a local grocery that I like to support. I'm willing to pay more for a product with quality ingredients.

    Have you read Peggy Koutopoulis' books? (I'm not sure I spelled her name correctly.) One of the Vega reps turned me on to one of her early books, "It Must Have Been Something I Ate." It is really a good read. Peggy is also on twitter, and I'm begging her to start a podcast.

    Back to twitter--are you going to the Disneyland half weekend? If so, I'd love to meet up at the "tweet up" on Saturday.


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