Introducing ME!

So I am totally a Yin-Yang kinda gal.

I'm hot and cold. I go back and forth. You've been warned.

I ran the Princess Half Marathon in February 2013. Totally unprepared. As in - maybe two three mile runs that year and one 10 mile run? It was bad, but I finished. See what I'm saying about the Yin - Yang? I get all fired up and then boom! Nothing.
So this Yin - Yang gal is finding the balance in life.

How does blogging fit in?

I love to express myself with words and pictures. This blog is a great outlet for me to share my passion for running.

Totally Random Things about Me:

  • I adore sushi. All kinds.
  • Liz is totally not my first name. It would just be boring to go by your first name, right?
  • I love playing with my hair, but I hate it long.
  • I don't read the newspaper. My husband fills me in on the news.
  • I'm the oldest of 12 kids. Yes, that's a 1 - 2. No, we weren't Catholic or Mormon.
  • I love music. My music styles go back and forth. Very crazy like.
  • I need my morning caffeine. In any form. Prefer hot coffee from a local place, but Starbucks will work in a pinch. White Mocha with Hazelnut. Yum.
  • I love sunsets, sunrises, and the moon. Nature is amazing and beautiful.
  • I am super passionate about helping other people.
  • The best and only costume that I've ever worn was when I dressed up as Gandalf. From Lord of the Rings. I was maybe 15. I seriously cannot remember wearing another costume. The beard was epic.
  • I wrote my first book at age 15 or so. 
  • I hate the Muppet's. And Sponge Bob. Basically any cartoon except Kim Possible. Kill joy, I know.