Monday, August 26, 2013

9 Steps to Treadmill Domination

Top Treadmill Domination Tips 
(or, how not to die on a treadmill)

One of the most often heard complaints by runners is how much the treadmill sucks. Runners even go so far as to call it a dreadmill - for very good reasons. Anyone who has tried to pound out mileage on a treadmill knows that it can be boring.
I want to help you discover how to dominate your treadmill, be it at your house or the local gym.
Distraction is key. Just not too much distraction, or you will go flying off the back of the treadmill. I'll spare you the horrifying pictures.

  1. Get a gym towel and cover the display. Seriously. If you have to peak, that's fine. But really, once you start staring at the display it's all over!
  2. Create a music playlist to inspire you. I have my favorite playlists listed at the top of my blog and linked to Spotify. You can also putting together a playlist that lasts a certain length of time. Once the playlist is over, your workout is over. 
  3. Race the person next to you. We all do it. It's just rude to yell "I've won!" when they quit running.
  4. Find an amazing (read: trashy) TV show and tune in. News does not work. Neither does documentaries. 
  5. I'm just going to throw this out there - magazines. I mean, I've seen some people read them, I can't, too much bouncing around. 
  6. While I'm throwing things out there, go ahead and dance on the treadmill. Totally counts as cross training and your miles. It's a win/win/win. And bonus points if you can do this - 
  7. Use a pre-setting on the treadmill to experience hills. Or do a workout that's not distance/time based - check these out on FitSugar
  8. Totally use the hot girl (or guy) to inspire you to run for one more minute... then another. It's like racing to the next tree only much more awesome and scenic. 
  9. Bake cookies. Bring to gym. Set on treadmill. Promise yourself hot cookies after you run another mile. Bring extras to share. You've earned those calories, dang it! Plus it's sure to attract lots of new friends.
Remember, the treadmill is only as boring as you make it out to be. If you whine and moan and freak out over your treadmill miles they will be every bit as awful as you think they will be. This I know for sure - I've been there.

Anyone else have any thoughts on how to dominate your local treadmill?

Feet dominating Pavement cannot guarantee the results of any of these suggestions and cannot be held liable for you being kicked out of your gym. 


  1. First, I just noticed that you live in Olathe - I live close (Topeka)!!
    And, I am one of those weird runners who love the treadmill. I have done lots of high mileage runs on my treadmill. If I'm running under 10 miles I entertain myself playing with the speed. On the longer runs I will go up & down every minute or 5 minutes. And it's when I catch up on all of my reality TV!!!

    1. I totally lived in Junction City for a awhile, so I drove through Topeka to see family in KC quite often. That's so awesome that you love your treadmill!!! And reality TV = SCORE!!! What do you watch. :D Any tips for me?

  2. So, I actually don't do ANY of those tips! I run on the treadmill in the summer months when my kids are both out of school around 13 miles some days. I will make sure I have everything I need within my reach. My phone, my ipod, towel, gu, and sometimes two water bottles. I do watch the display, and I drink a sip of water every .5 miles for the long runs. I will talk to ANYONE who walks by or runs next to me as long as I don't get too winded. When I do speedwork on the treadmill (instead of a track, I will write a list of each distance range and speed to go with it. It goes by really fast. I don't use a playlist, but I have tons of songs at my disposal, and will sometimes even get on youtube. I don't like being on a treadmill with a TV, but I like to watch other people's TVs. Its too hard to people watch with a TV in my face.

    1. OMG! You are super woman. ;) But seriously though, everyone is totally different. I think if we go into treadmill training (or anything really) with a negative attitude that will only hurt us as runners. Sounds like you have a great positive attitude! Keep it up!


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