Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3 Things to Always do When You Run + Story!

3 Things to ALWAYS do While You Run +
A TRUE Story about someone who didn't follow these rules

1. Always Run with a Cell Phone
2. Always let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. 
3. Always carry ID.

I know, that's what everyone says.
But really now, do they have proof?


About two years ago I had a really rough December. Some things happened and I swore I would never get down to a dark place again. (I've learned I can't fully control that but anyway) So I decided to take up running again. I had been running off and on, now I decided it was for reals. So when I got back from visiting family, I decided to go for a run. It was the middle of the day on January 3rd. My husband was at work, and I didn't tell him I was going. <cue scary music> I also didn't take my cell phone. After all, I was just going around the block, and we lived in a military neighborhood, no biggie.

There was a loop behind my house that was .25 miles. Perfect. I started out strong, running on the sidewalk. I hadn't even gone around once, when I tripped and fell over a crack in the sidewalk and skidded on the ground. 
I tried to get up, but I couldn't. My arm felt like it was bruised. I wondered if it was broken, but I could move my fingers, so no biggie. I just couldn't get up because I couldn't do anything with my left arm, I had to hold it steady to keep it from hurting with my right hand. I tried to yell for help, but there was no one around. I finally was able to get up, but I could hardly walk due to my arm. Sounds strange but it's true I was mad I didn't have my cell phone on me, and I had no idea how I would get back to the house, let alone get my key out. About that time I saw a white pickup pull into a driveway a few houses in front of me. I flagged the driver down - a military man from the base - and asked him for help. I told him I just needed help getting back to my house because my arm felt weird. He invited me into his house (his wife was there) and helped me sit down. He wanted to look at my arm. I was wearing a baggie hoddie and under that I was wearing compression sleeves. I told him I was OK, but I needed help supporting my arm. His wife tried to call my husband for me, but he didn't know the number, or even know I had gone for a run, so he didn't pick up his phone.
At this point the kind strangers told me they thought I should call an ambulance, being that my husband wasn't picking up and they didn't want to leave me alone. I finally reluctantly agreed, still thinking it was just bruised. Yeah, it was crazy.
So the ambulance came, and at that point they helped me remove my hoddie. People, my arm was crooked.  The compression sleeve was the only thing holding my bones in place. Without it the break would have broken the skin. Yeah... so I had a bruise - but it was slightly more serious then that.

I know you're waiting for this - here is the xray - 
Yes, you saw that right. I had snapped the bones in my left arm clean through and dislocated my wrist.
I had surgery the next day and was in a splint for about a month and a half I think. I wore a splint because they had to put titanium metal in to hold the bones together.
Surgery left me with two AMAZING scars on each side of my left arm. Totally love my scars. 

So there you have it right from me folks.

1. Run with ID
2. Run with a phone
3. Let someone know where you are/when you will be back.

PS. They were able to eventually get a hold of my husband, who came to visit me in the ER and was shocked to see the photos - given that I wasn't crying or freaking out. When I called my mom to tell her about my surgery, she didn't believe me at first, because I was "too calm". That was the morphine talking. ;)


  1. Wow! Super scary. I doon't always run with a phone or my actual ID, but I do have my road ID and someone always knows where I am. I have a friend that I tell every workout while our kids are at preschool together. I'm going to need to come up with a new plan for next year. Maybe just send her a text since I won't see her at drop off anymore. My husband uses Garmin Livetrack to tell me exactly where he rides. My GPS doesn't have that technology, but there is a roadID app with something similar, and it will even send out an alarm text to up to 5 people if you stop moving for more than 5 minutes w/o disabling it.

    1. Yeah, for me if you cannot run with ID a cell phone is a MUST. I've seen the RoadID app, but I haven't checked it out yet. Looks awesome though! Something else I've been looking at is the Bia GPS Sports Watch. (http://www.bia-sport.com/) Not sure when it's officially coming out but I so want one. :D


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