Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Stats

Well, it didn't happen. NONE of the things I planned to do I did fully.

Bright side: I did wear my Fitbit 6/7 days and got some pretty good steps in - though not quite to goal. Also notice I forgot to wear it on Friday. I also ran my four miles on Sunday. That's about it for the week.

Keeping me honest!!

I totally am trying a different approach this week. I tried to do evenings because I "don't like mornings" but that idea flopped. I never felt like going for a run after work. EVER. Luckily I have a job that allows me to work a little later in the morning (earliest 9am, latest 11am) so I really have no excuse to get up early to run and such. That's gonna be my goal for this week. I'll totally post a break down tomorrow on "The Weekly Chase". 

There ya go folks. Daily mile log. 4 miles on the 4th. That's IT.

My Fitness Pal Status are above. Honestly I tracked on Sun but apparently forgot to save. Yeah... no stats.

It's not getting me down though. I want to start posting these charts every Sunday so you can see what I'm working on and keep me honest. :) 

Why am I doing this? 1) For Give Kids the World and 2) So that I won't finish my next Princess Half Marathon being overweight. :)

I put a calendar together to keep myself on track and I'm making my cell phone pop up reminders so that I track my food and take my steps. :)

Have a great night peoples!!!!!


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