Monday, March 25, 2013

Motivational Monday - Weight Loss Rockstar Runner

When I thought of Motivational Mondays Kristal T was one of the first people that I knew I had to interview. Her story is amazing - but I'll let her tell you herself. :)

1. How long have you been running? 
A little over a year, off and on due to shin splints, finding the perfect shoe for me, in my case, Brooks, helped, as well as compression sleeves. 2. I know you’ve lost a lot of weight and been able to keep it off – what’s your secret?
No secret, just a LOT of hard work, I tried a few fitness programs, DVDs, running, etc. You need to find what works for YOU! For me, it was Yoga, running, and P90x (which I stopped after a month due to a hernia) Then, switched to 10 min. trainer, and have found great success with that!
Can we see pictures?
Normally, I would say, are you crazy?!! But, It is time to let go of the girl I USED to be, and welcome the new, healthy me!

3. Crazy amazing pictures! AND you just ran your first half marathon! Congrats! Do you have any advice for new runners wanting to tackle a half marathon?
Thank you! Advice? I would just say, It is terrifying, until you start, then, you don't want to stop! It was an amazing, life changing experience for me, and oddly enough, I can't wait to do it again! I went through so many emotions, and stages, but, I did it, I finished, and I feel amazing and so proud of myself for doing something I never in a million years, would have ever thought I could do!

4. What keeps you motivated each day to be the best you can be?
My 2 boys, Chase and Blake,, they are my everything, and I want to make sure they have the mother they deserve. I want to be here for them, for a very long time, I want to go outside and play and run with them, and to show them, when you want something, you NEVER, EVER give up, you go, and you push yourself, and you get and earn what you want in life, you will appreciate life much more, when you earn the life you are living! 
5. Any final words of wisdom? Never give up, it is going to be hard, and you will hit many bumps along the way, but don't lose faith in yourself, even when everyone else is telling you that you can't, turn around, and do it, and prove them all wrong! And don't forget, smile while doing it
That is how a rockstar does it!! :) Thank you Kristal! Please "like" her on facebook at Disney Dreams.

Now how are you going to go out and rock your Monday? Sound off and let us know!

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