Monday, September 2, 2013

15 Tips to Dominating Race Pictures

15 Tips to Dominating Race Photos -

So let's be honest here. All of our race pictures (or at least mine!) look kinda like this - 

My apologies 

But you know, we all want to look like this:

Awesome person who knows how to get awesome race pictures

Wait no more! Problogger and all around awesome person Maryalicia put together her top 15 tips to Dominate your Race Photos. After all, who wants to look like this - 

Yes, you see that right. I didn't buy ANY race photos from my first half marathon because I looked awful in them. The tongue didn't help but you know. ;)

Just to let you know - that first picture was of Maryalicia - so the proof is in the photo, she knows how to get good pictures.

Create a spectacle -  photographers look for something that stands out. Our eyes and brains react to activity so if you start jumping or whooping and hollering-they are naturally going to look for you. Raise those hands in the air and wave them wildly or put them up in a thumbs up sign. 

Plaza 10k where I used this trick

 Be tidy- this was also mentioned in that article, but it's true. For women, and this works for men with long hair - tight Braids, updo buns, or German braids. The tighter the better, because that braid will start looking messy. I don't know about you, but with my long hair- I have had my pony tail in my face and just look matted and yucky after just a few miles.  
Wait on that Garmin!  Brenda Travers mentioned a great point! " Try not to be playing with your Garmin/sport watch at the start and finish. So many photos of runners with their heads down and their hands on their watches. A few seconds on either end of the race won't really matter." She's right! Most races are chip timed!

Want to see the rest of the tips?? Go to 15 Tips for Getting Great Race Day Photos by Maryalicia Verdecchia!! I know, I usually don't link to articles but as you can tell this one is good. You won't regret it!

So what did you think? Do you have any special race day photo tips? Sound off below, I'd love to hear them!!

For more info about Maryalicia visit her profile page and check out some of her other posts here


  1. Thanks for sharing! All of my race photos so far have been HORRIBLE. I plan on putting these tips to use this race season.

    1. honestly, that race picture of me that I shared is one of the ONLY good ones I have. I am for sure using these tips myself!! :)

  2. Wow!! These are nice pictures. All the best for your next event.

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    1. Same to you! :) How was your weekend run?


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